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For the last 6 days i've been suffering from aches in my joints/muscles, blinding headaches, occasional sensitivity to light, constant fatigue, an extremely high temperature and excessive hot flushes/sweating and shivering, whilst awake and asleep.
I have near constant nausea and a very uncomfortable ache in my lower left stomach and i am feeling constantly dehydrated
i drink upto 7 litres of water a day and nothing quenchs the thirst
please can somebody help!
my doctor said on tuesday, 3 days after the symptoms began that it was a 24/48 hour stomach bug, but i have no actually vomited or had diarrhoea, infact quite the opposite!
the symptoms do not seem to going away or getting any better or worse, its leaving me feeling aweful and run down and i cannot find the energy to do anything
has anyone got any ideas????
thankyou very much


sounds heaps like glandular fever, comes and goes and you hardly feel normal, can last from weeks to months even up to 2 years in adults, but you will get better!


Hello there worried93,

In my opinion you should go to your doctor again and if he repeats the previous diagnosis than tell him that he is wrong and that you want another opinion. Sometimes you need to be pretty harsh on your doctor because most of the time they are just trying to get rid of the patients and they never think that something serious is in question.

If you don’t feel better you are not able to function normally and that means that you can’t work and live your life. In my opinion that is emergency. I hope that you will feel better and that the diagnosis is not going to be that terrible. Good luck and keep us posted.