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Hello I woke up with a redish pink bump near my trample / eyebrow and its sore when I touch it and been feeling a little glairy in my eyes and feeling sick everynow and then.iv vomited my dinner up last night and had really really bad belly problems and bad diarrhoea but not to day just been a little sick can anyone help me


Hello, EliMar.  I hear you have a problem with a bump near your eyebrow.  You also have something causing you to vomit and have a bad case of diarrhea.  The pink bump may be an ingrown hair or a pimple that hasn't come to the surface yet.   With your upset stomach, you may have had gastroenteritis, or what people like to call the "stomach flu," or you may have had a touch of food poisoning.  If you are feeling better now, it sounds like it is going to pass.  Just drink plenty of fluids and crackers until you feel like you can keep regular food down. 

Has anyone else had a stomach illness lately?  What made you feel better?