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Feeling ill with an urge to vomit is called nausea

Nausea is the very first sign of gastrointestinal illnesses. Nausea with or without vomiting is also seen in some central nervous system disorders.

Nausea can have several causes, including:

Stress and anxiety

Stress, anxiety, and depression are some of the main causes of nausea and discomfort. Feeling sick or nauseous at night is common when stress and anxiety are the culprits. In severe cases, the symptoms may persist even during the daytime.

Gastrointestinal bacteria

The normal flora (bacteria) of the gastrointestinal tract live in the stomach. These bacteria are normal and play a key role in the digestive process. Various things can lead to a significant increase in the normal flora of the stomach, which may cause nausea. The patient may not feel any symptoms other than nausea. The primary cause of an increase in gut bacteria is overuse of medication, especially broad spectrum antibiotics.

Food poisoning

Hear "food poisoning", and you might think of vomiting after eating something bad. However, in minor cases, patients do not experience episodes of vomiting. They might feel like vomiting, but no such thing happens and the patient is left with a nauseated feeling. These symptoms usually occur right after patients ingest contaminated food, but they may also appear at night.


Drinking too much alcohol will definitely cause nausea. If you are fond of drinking, keep in mind that an excess of anything is bad. Try to avoid drinking too much alcohol. This will help you avoid nausea.


Indigestion is one of the most common undiagnosed disorders of the digestive system. Patients suffering from indigestion feel nauseous particularly during the night. While sleeping, a person's digestive system tends to work more slowly, which causes the feeling of abdominal discomfort. It is important to know the cause of your indigestion. Visiting your family physician can help.


Eating is essential, but overeating is extremely harmful. Know your capacity and eat accordingly. Try to decrease your portions so that your digestive system has to work less. Overeating is one of the most common causes of nausea in developed countries.


Using too many medicines can cause nausea. This is because most medicines interfere with the process of digestion. Nausea due to the overuse of medication occurs mostly at night when the stomach is empty.

Late night meals

It is important to know that you shouldn't eat heavy meals at least 3 hours before going to bed. Taking late night meals or eating just before bed is extremely harmful for the body.

Morning sickness

Nausea gravidum or morning sickness is discomfort and vomiting during pregnancy. Morning sickness can actually happen at any time of the day or night. Pregnancy nausea is a better name, and it is the main cause of nausea in pregnant women. This feeling usually fades away during the second trimester of pregnancy.

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