Hi everybody (I feel like dr nick), I need a bit of help if it do ya fine.

I have some health problems that my dr hasn't been able to diagnose, I've even had a visit to the ER with no luck there either so I'll give you a brief run down and see if anyone can help.

For over three months now I have been having the same symptoms of utter sickness. I have had similar in the past but nothing that's gone on for so long. The symptoms are:Nausea,Gas's,Tight stomach,Bloating,Weight loss,Tired,Diahhre,aTight chest,Vomiting,Loss of appetite,Feel full when eat little,Sweats and flushes

After a bit of a break I went to work on the old mans farm at the start of the year, I didn't feel well at all with the runs, constant nausea vomiting and poor appetite. It was very hot here in aus and when I started work after about half an hour I felt extremely ill and completely exhausted. I was breathing heavy and had no energy and little willpower at all. When I was hit with this I took it real easy but after a couple hours I progressively got even worse so I pulled the pin and went back to the house to rest, where I slept. I think ppl where putting it down to the heat, cool I could dig it. I was bed ridden for a couple days after that and ate very little to nothing.I wasn't really improving, although I had some energy and I needed to get back to work so I did. The weather had cooled somewhat by this time but it was still pretty hot so I made sure I packed heaps of fluids and kept hydrated well. Work didn't go well over the next few days to a week, everyday I would be exhausted almost instantly and I was throwing up nothing a lot with a constant feeling of nausea, but because I was empty I didn't really have the runs anymore. By this point I'd had enough of not getting better, not being able to eat etc so I went to the emergency on a Sunday and was sure they would keep me overnight or whatever. They took blood which clotted before it could be tested, gave me an iv and some meds to help with the nausea. I felt weak, had the shakes and was dry reaching. The nurse took another bout of blood with the standard tests coming back clean. After the fluids were in me an I was rested up by then, with the meds as well I felt pretty good so they released me and told me to eat. I bought food and was able to eat some.

I went back to the farm and told dad I was taking off until I was healthy again, not good. Anyway so I went home to rest and after a week of still not improving it was time for my Dr to take a shot. He did blood tests for vitamins and thyroid things plus the normal ones, ECG etc. the results came back with nothing to really explain the symptoms I had, there were some minor things like thyroid and liver but he assured me they were nothing, also I can't remember which but my red blood cells were low or high.

He went down the thyroid path after results from a test mid last year when I was not so bad ill.

So he said he didn't know what it was but I would probably get better soon. I remembered afterwards that I swallowed a tooth just after the new year so I started looking that up but every reference I found said that doesn't make you sick, so I left it alone. The tooth thing kept me stressed, I'm over that and need to know what's really wrong.

So it's been about a year all up I guess, but the worst has come in the last three months. I'm still not well enough to go back to work which is causing all sorts of problems, two to three holes of golf and I'm exhausted and crawling back to my car.

It's a little bit better when I don't eat (nausea), but I can't keep loosing weight! Uno that feeling of calmness you get in your stomach after a big bloated belch? I can do the belch, and every time I think it's going to fix me but it doesn't even help in the short term.

This is driving me crazy cause my gut and bowls are all messed up, yet nothing that I would call pain.

So I'm going to make another appoint with my Dr, any advice on what test for would be great. I'm mid thirtys male.