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I had a tonsilectomy in december, since suffering a year with constant tonsillitis. and everything went well.
i'm now recovered.

But since then i have been so exhausted that i have been getting home at 3 and going to sleep. throughout the day i'm going faint and dizzy.
Then i got a very sore throat and found it hard to speak.

i went to my doctor and he sent me for a blood test as he thought it could be anaemia, diabetes or possibly glandular fever.
i'm worried if it is glandular fever, was the pain of the tonsilectomy for nothing?



Glandular fever is a viral infection and it mostly affects young adults. How are you? Have you measured your body temperature? Do you have fever maybe? I know that sore throat is very often the most important symptom of glandular fever and it is often accompanied with swollen glands in the neck. Dizziness is al a symptom of the glandular fever, so it seems that all of your symptoms fit this diagnosis. People usually use antibiotics and steroids to treat this. You have to give your body as much rest as you can. Also you can use salty water and gargle to help with relieving the symptoms in your throat, such as sore throat.

Good luck,