32 year male residing in India. Height 167 cms, Weight 54 kgs
In the month of July ‘07; had high fever of about 103 degrees with severe body chills, which reduced on medication, but was continuous in nature.
In the month of August ‘07; fever & body chills continued, with severe feeling of tiredness and fatigue, was unable to get up from bed on most days, especially in the morning period after waking up. Towards afternoon, used to feel better, especially after a hot shower.
This continued for a while; at some point was diagnosed with mild Typhoid (1:80) and was advised rest for a week.
Though fever and body chills subsided; fatigue, drowsiness persisted and was unable to concentrate for long hours.
As this continued, got admitted in hospital December ‘07; wherein was diagnosed with relapse of typhoid and leptospirosis and given treatment accordingly.
But till date (June ’08); have not been feeling fine; fatigue and tiredness continues.
General Complaints:
Fatigue or tiredness, all day, in morning, especially
Feeling feverish (body temperature shows normal)
Body Chills
Bowel motions alternating constipation/diarrhoea
Stomach feels queasy and heavy. Slight burning on occasions in chest area
General body pain (especially shoulders, shin / calves and feet)
Weight loss, up to 6 kgs in last 6 months
Other Info:

Hunger is there, eat about 4-5 small meals in a day
Feel thirsty, drink about 1-2 litres of water
Stools, been erratic, some occasions have to go 2-3 times in a day, especially on days when I feel the tiredness and some days normal and fine
Urination normal
Sleep normal; about 8-9 hours on a daily basis, but on most mornings, wake up still feeling tired and drained out. [/font]

Summary of Results

10th May, '08

Mantoux showed positive : 27 x 22mm
Anti TB IGM : 0.93 units
Anti TB IGG : 225 units
Anti TB IGA : 158 units
Heamoglobin: 12.5 gm/dl
WBC: 8400 cells/cm
ESR (1/2 hr) : 3 mm
ESR (1 hr) : 7mm

3rd June, '08

WBC Count : 4,640 /c.mm
Heamoglobin : 14.5 gm

ANA (Serum/IF Method) : 1:100 Positive
ANTI DS DNA (Serum/IF Method) : Negative
ANTI CCP (Serum/Elisa) : 0.3
Free T4 (Serum/Chemiluminescence) : 1.14 ng/dl
T S H (Serum/Chemiluminescence) : 3.41 ulU/ml
Random Blood Sugar - 78 mg/dl
LDH (Serum / Pyruvate to Lactase SCE) - 296 U/L
Real Time PCR - Mycobacterium TB - Negative
RH Factor - Less than 9.5 IU/ml
ASO (Serum/Nephelometry) - 57.0
CRT - Less than 3.1
Liver Function Test - Normal
Urine & Urine Culture - Normal
Stool & Stool Culture - Normal
XRAY - PA View - Normal
CAT Scan - Abdomen - Normal