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I am a guy and my gf is a little shy about trying any new stuff with sex. She mostly only wants me to be on top. I really, really want to try some new stuff, like oral sex or new positions. She lets me rub her little kitty (hee hee), but that is about all besides straight intercourse. Can anyone suggest a way to help her loosen up. I would especially appreciate the opinion of the girls on here, but maybe some of the guys have had success at it. Thanks.


Yes, there will be a learning curve when it comes to sexual experimentation.

First, realize the older the couple, the more adventurous you become.
Second, realize that women often are turned on more by the amount they perceived they are loved. That is, more time, gentle caresses, and longer drawn out love-making will result in higher levels of arousal by the woman.

You can go to a website like ***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed for some ideas, but that may not help plant the suggestion with your gf.

Instead, you might try a couple of books for Christmas presents, if private, like "Sex is Fun" by Kidder Kaper. This is basically a cartoon book, a graphic novel, if you will, that starts at A and procedes to Z... without falling into the trap of every couple being show as man and woman... there are same sex partners, and different genders, ages, and physical body types shown.

Another good, liberal book is "The Guide to Getting it On" by Paul Joannides and Goofy Foot Press. This thick book is a mix of graphics and text, that covers attitudes, variations, positions, in short...the whole waterfront. Not quite as "in your face" as "Sex is Fun", but still quite liberal and light-hearted in tone.

If you enjoy charcoal drawings, there are several editions of "The Joy of Sex" that you two could look at together. You might find some positions that you would enjoy trying together... or some that you want to just look at to get you in the mood.

Good luck.
Let us know what you try and how the two of you work it out!



My boyfriend and I have been sexually active for about 3 months now.
At first, we usually did the same two positions and the same foreplay.

After a month or two, he brought up how he wanted to try different foreplay and a different position.
I told him maybe we could but I wanted to think about it first.

After I thought about it for a few weeks, I told him yes.
Turns out, it made the sex even better.

Talk to your girlfriend about it and ask her to at least give it some thought.
Good luck ;-)