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i'm 31 years old and i have a girlfriend age 22..we are not married yet but we have made love/had sex about 5-7 times.
At first it's no a problem at all,but lately, after we have girl feel hurts and pain at her labia minora area
and it's swollen...during when make sex, it's nothing at all...but, after we are done her minora labia area turns swollen..
Can i get the answer to why those things happen?? and how can we solve the problem??



I cleaned up your English just a little but hope that I preserved the flavor of your question.

You're asking why your 22 year old girlfriend might experience swollen labia after having sex with you.

First, are you SURE that she is "into it"? That is, is she very willing, and has she been sexually excited by you, your touch, your presence? Most women will sweat a bit in their genital upon arousal... but it may not be enough.

Second, are you using protection? That is, are you using a birth control device, or relying on condoms with spermacide? Many women are having reactions to the spermacide Noxinol-9 that was used many years ago. In some parts of the world, it is still used, but irritates the woman. The world health organization has issued a ruling that it is no longer to be used because of these reactions.

Third, are you using additional lubrication to make sure that she is not in pain from intercourse? Liquid KY, Moist, Wet and Astroglide are just a few of the names that come to mind. In our country, you can find these at drug stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, convenience stores... just about everywhere nowadays, though in decades past, this type of product was restricted to the femininee isle of the pharmacy/drug store.

Fourth, are you spending enough time on foreplay with her? Less than ten minutes of caresses and hugs, kisses, etc is barely enough time for most women to be aroused. My advice is to spend a bit more time and pleasure her more.

These are just a few ideas to help you. It may be none of these or something entirely different. But these are a few starting points.
If it continues, I would have her visit a medical clinic or nurse for some advice or an exam.

Good luck.
Let us know how this works out for you two.