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Think you have what it takes to drive your man crazy in the bedroom? What would you do if you found out that those very moves that you’ve worked so hard to perfect are actually a turn-off for your guy?
There’s an old saying among men that any sex is good sex, but this statement is only partially true. There are some tried and true bedroom tricks that most men love. For example, men are visual creatures.
It would be a difficult task to find a man who is not aroused at the sight of a woman exploring her sexuality, or for that matter, at the sight of a naked woman. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a man who doesn’t enjoy all of the other bedroom favorites that have stood the test of time. With all the sexual positions to just from, most men are more than happy to get the chance to sit back and enjoy the show with the basic woman on top position.
And there probably isn’t a guy on the face of the planet who will be disappointed with a woman who aims to please her man with oral sex. When it comes to what men enjoy when being intimate with their partner, the possibilities are endless. In general, women who employ some creative techniques in the bedroom will keep their man sexually satisfied and coming back for more.

Think you have what it takes to drive your man crazy in the bedroom? When it’s time to get frisky, do you think you’re the one with all the right moves? Confident women everywhere like to pride themselves on their exotic abilities. Don’t think so? Just walk into a local bar on ladies night and take a look around. Nighttime hotspots are filled with groups of women sharing their bedroom stories and discussing their top sex moves. What would you do if you found out that those very moves that you’ve worked so hard to perfect are actually a turn-off for your guy? Don’t think it’s possible? Believe it or not, men don’t always go for the things that you see in movies.

Of course, every guy is different. A woman that one guy considers as too risqué, another may see as not quite adventurous enough. While some men prefer women who are open to try new things, others men may be more reserved and prefer a woman without such a colorful sex life. Regardless of the different tastes and personality preferences, there are some moves that most men will agree are a turn-off in the bedroom. Some of these moves are such a turn-off that pulling them on your guy can make him reconsider inviting you for a repeat performance. Read on to see if any of your tried and true moves make the list.

Sure, most guys like to hear their woman participate in the act, but over-exaggerated moaning can make a guy believe that you are planning on faking everything. A man’s ego is one of his most vulnerable areas, and if gets the idea that your stroking it (no pun intended) he’s not likely to be happy. This doesn’t mean you should remain silent. Different vocalizations that encourage a man’s sexual positions or rhythm can act as a guide to steer him in the direction that you want him to go. A man that is in tune with his partner will listen for vocal cues to help him better understand what is desired from him, without actually saying it out loud. The right amount of vocalization accompanied with precise timing can be very useful. Just don’t overdo it and keep it genuine.

The Sheet Angel

If you plan on having your arms and legs stretched out listlessly while you lie there lifeless on your back, there’s a good chance your guy might not invite you back for a second round. While you don’t have to be the star of the show, at the very least, you do want to be a supporting cast member.  If you’re not, it can be detrimental to your leading man. Playing an active role in the scene is always important, even while on the bottom position.  Doing so can bring up some inspired performances from your guy.  Just lying still during intercourse can lead a man to believe that the woman does not want to participate, or that his performance is not up to par. Once again, a man’s ego comes into play and can be affected negatively. Remember, you are a participant, not a by-stander.

The Uncontrolled Lander attention because this one is important. When in the top position, one must be careful not to become so caught up in the act that one forgets about the stroke motion of your man. A missed landing can cause serious damage to his member and even can cause tearing of the muscles in the penis itself. Yes, the penis is a muscle. And like all muscles, it has a limited range of motion. One overzealous move in the wrong direction during landing can be all it takes to cause him pain and possibly even a serious injury that puts him temporarily out of commission. Men enjoy the enthusiasm, but controlled enthusiasm is always appreciated.

Fight Club

There are a variety of different sexual intensity levels among couples. When first becoming intimate with your guy, it is important to take the time to familiarize yourself with his comfortable level of intensity. If you are timid in the bedroom, this may not be much of an issue. But if you are a wildcat between the sheets, you might want to ease into things rather than unleash your fury right out of the gate. Knowing where a man’s comfort levels are is very important. Feel out your guy. Chances are if he’s into rougher sex, you’ll know it, but it’s possible that he’s holding back for your sake.
Starting out slowly when attempting to initiate rougher sex is always important. Jumping head first into a grudge match with your guy could cause a host of issues with the physical relationship as well as the emotional relationship. Testing your boundaries physically during sex is easy, but only if you pay attention. If a slight pull of the hair gets a positive reaction from your man, don’t jump the gun and follow it up with a pair of handcuffs. If rougher sex is your thing, take it one step at a time and pay attention to your guy’s cues along the way.
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