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I want it hard fun an soothing


Too sleepy to give thurough answer...  So will name a few and let you look them up online.  I'm a guy, by the way :P

Doggy Style's fun, lets the man be in control and gives him a sort of animalistic thrill because of the nature of the position.  It leaves his hands free so he can rub your back or play with your breasts.  Hard to kiss though, and you won't be face-to-face so not really for that "Deep, passionate evening of close, candle-lit love making."

Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl.  Girl's riding on top of the man, when her front's facing his head it's Cowgirl, and when her back's facing his head it's Reverse Cowgirl.  This possition lets the woman control speed, depth and how rough you are in general, it gives you the power.  Not sure if it's just me, but with reverse cowgirl, when my girlfriend leans forward (Towards my feet) it can put my manhood at an uncomfortable angle, so make sure your partner's comfy!  Both leave the mans hands free, and depending on if you're using your hands for support, it can leave your hands free, too.  Going Cowgirl means you can lean forward and kiss him :P

Missionary - You know.  You lay on your back and the guy lays on top of you ;)  He'll need his arms for support, but your hands are free and you're able to kiss in this position <Nods>  You can spice it up with a few variations, like wrapping your legs around his waist, holding your legs up (Imagine you're trying to make your knees touch your boobs) or hooking the backs of your knees over his shoulders.  Variations of the missionary can improve how deep a man can go, but some can also be uncomfy or become uncormy if you don't put pillows down to support you in the right places (Your waist actually raises up slightly when you hold you legs up, so a pillow under the small of your back helps ;) )

Not sure of the name - You lay on your tummy, and the man lays on top of you.  Fantastic if you want anal sex, and the angle of the penetration for regular vaginal sex allows the man to feel it a lot more.  When my girlfriend wants me to finish, she'll get into that position as she knows it's possibly my favorite.

There are more, but be aware of a few things when picking sex positions to try:
How tall are you and your partner? (Crouched positions might be uncomfy)
How strong is your partner? (Picking you up, helps with some more exotic positions)
How much energy do you have? (Again, exotic positions benefit from lots of energy)
How big is your partners penis? (No shame in a smaller than average penis, there are dosens of positions that compensate for size with style)
How flexible are you? (Exooootiiiic)

Here's a link -
Just click one of the four buttons halfway down the page (Energy Level, Penis Size, Flexibility or Height) and then pick the answer that describes you or your partner best.  It'll give you a sex position to try out!  You can always look up more, just go on Google and type "Sex Positions," there are millions.

I...  I went into detail, didn't I?  Damn urge to answer everythign as thuroughly as possible...  Hope I helped!  If I didn't, I'll reply again tomorrow!