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my fiance and I do the same positions all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what they most enjoy. I want to "mix" things up a bit.


I'm going to assume that you're a maybe you could try being on top once in a while? It gives you control of sex, and you can control what you think feels good, and in the case of your sure he'll like it, too.

Most women like doggy style, so im just putting it out there.

Or just let yourself go..there's so many different positions. Foreplay will make your sex a lot better and more definitely check that out.

Good luck


There are countless and endless possibilities.
You on top, your partner on top, doggy style, sissors, laying down with the man from behind, the woman on the bed with her legs off the end and the man standing between her legs, she can put her legs anywhere from there.

On the floor, in the shower, in the car, man laying or sitting in a chair or on a bench and the woman on top. On top front ways back ways, side ways. 69, 360, standing, look up karma-sutra on the internet for same extreme ones as well as tantric sex which is also cool.

Legs up, legs down, legs behind his head, legs behind your own head
Light s&m and bondage, use neck ties to get lightly tied up, use feathers and ice for some spicy and excitment. Blidfold eachother and tease eachother. Candle wax for the strong willed(love that one) Play dress up or role playing...............

So what I am saying is use your imagination and there is really no wrong way to do it as long as you both think it feels good.