A potential new weapon in fighting obesity has been discovered. It is in a form of hormone that seems to reduce our urge to eat. It is called obestatin and it is regulated by the same gene responsible for a hormone blamed for weight gain, ghrelin. Both of the hormones are made by the stomach.
Obestatin is naturally produced in mice, and probably humans as well. The mice who were injected with synthetic obestatin decreased their food intake by half. Obestatin treatment also slowed the movement of digested food from the mice's stomachs into their intestines. However, it is also possible that the hormone just made the mice too sick to feel like eating although they did show any signs of being nauseous.

Scientists are hoping to use this hormone in finding a cure for obesity. Much more work needs to be done, and it is still not known if the scientists will ever be able to translate this finding into an obesity medicine.