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There has been a big raise in obesity in recent decades; some people would even call it an epidemic. This may be the case if the scientists proved their suspicion that viruses are to be blamed for causing obesity.

The only results we have so far are from the tests performed on chickens. They have been injected different human viruses (adenoviruses). Those chickens that received virus Ad-37 developed two-three times more body fat than chickens without the viruses. All the chickens ate the same amounts and kinds of food.

The reason some scientists suspected the virus “contribution” to obesity is that they found odd such simultaneous increase in obesity in most countries of the world. They found it difficult to believe that it is just bad food choice and lack of exercise that led to obesity epidemic.

Other scientists admit the possible link between obesity and the virus but sadly report that even if this proved to be correct and a vaccine was found, people would still have to eat less calories than they burn and there’s nothing that could ever change that.


obesity i everybodys own problem, go to a gymm eat healthyy theres ur solutionn