Researchers found that Avandia, popular drug in diabetes treatment can be related to bone thinning in patients who suffer from diabetes. This is a finding that can explain the fact that diabetes patients have increased risk of fractures and have greater possibility of developing osteoporosis. Purpose of this medication is to improve reaction to insulin and during recent research on mice scientists found that this drug increased activity of cells that degrade bones.

This study represents the first one that found correlation between this drug and bone fractures and it can help in finding new drugs for diabetes treatment that can rule out this side effect. This finding was discovered almost by accident because researchers were looking at different aspects of mice with diabetes and didn’t even realize that they could be able to change bone – removing activity. They assumed that more brittle bones in diabetes patients were result of reduced bone building activity and not increased bone removal.

Researchers advise more caution to patients who suffer from diabetes, especially ones with higher risk of fractures such as older women. They also recommend use of anti – osteoporosis drug together with Avandia.