Researchers have shown in a new study that overeating causes disruption of an entire network of genes in the body. The disruption does not only cause obesity, but also diabetes and heart disease.

By using different methods and by performing studies on both humans and mice, the scientists found that there’s complex network of interacting genes in disease relevant tissues that actually lead to disease. They have proved the theory that common diseases such as obesity result from genetic and environmental disturbances in entire networks of genes rather than in a handful of genes.

If these findings are confirmed, it will take the accurate reconstruction of these networks to identify the best therapeutic targets.

Still, a good diet and exercise remain the best way to prevent the obesity in the first place. For those not ready to make the necessary lifestyle changes, it may be possible to identify what network is going to be most significantly altered and then try to bring that network into a state from where it looks like they are on a normal diet.

Sounds like the easy way out, something that many have been longing for.