I thought I was sick. Didnt even think it was because I was coming off my Depo provera.
IM only 17.. was on it for about 1 year, nearly 2. Did have time to make my next appointment and then doctor was talking to me about long term effects so I decided to go off it, didnt really need it no more so have been off it for maybe 6 months now. I copallsed 2 different morning's in the shower and had a shaking fit on the floor the 2nd time i fell, scared the hell out of the guy I was seeing. I blacked out and couldnt remember nothing. Felt diizzy a lot of the time, felt sick. Abnormal bleeding and discharge.
I would not recomment this. Withdrawl symptoms are horrible!
No one ever told me about this =[.
Now my whole body is screwed. Dont know when to expect anything.
Would recommend to find alternative methods for anyone thinking of this injection.