I think it was the summer of '06 I started Depo-Provera. I was 18. Had no side effects except after awhile I started losing weight little by little (I'm not complaining lol). Went to my regular doctor a few years later for something and he heard how long I was taking the shot for and freak out on me. Told me to get off it. I talk to my OB/GYN and he shrugged and said we could try the pill. About a year later I said okay let's do the pill. A year and a half and 2 different kinds of BC pills I had more side effects than I did on the depo. I gained 70 pounds, had depression, and extreme leg cramps. Plus the periods were horrendous! So I went back on the shot. So all together I did the shot for 8.5 years. This last year the nurse asked me a few times about side effects I told her I'm not having any. Then it clicked... I wasn't aware of all the side effects. Reading the list of side effects so many things fell into place. Like changes in speech and vision, headaches/migraines(the right side of my head is either tingly, achy, or in extreme pain), anxiety, dizziness, acne, pelvic pain (they even referred me to a pelvic floor therapist), hair loss, and a few more. I showed my husband the list and together we made the choice to stop the injections.

My next shot was due Tuesday(9/27/16) I cancelled my appointment and started researching about withdrawals. There's not a lot out there about it. Just us women who are convinced the depo is poision. Most doctors are in denial that anything is wrong. At the beginning of my 8.5 years I was an advocate for the amazing drug. Now that I'm at the end and have a long list of symptoms that doctors just shrug at I'm one hundred percent against it. 

Today is day day 5 off of the shot and I DO NOT feel good. A week before every shot I would start to feel icky and have pain at the injection site. Now that I didn't get the shot that made the icky go away my arm feels warm to the touch, my head feels like its going to explode(or I just want it to), my back can't find a comfortable position, and my terrible mood scared my husband out to the woods. I'm at a loss. Can we start a support group or something lol