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Hi there. I was on Depo Prevara since the birth of my second child in Jan 2002. Depo stops my periods completely. My husband and I were separated and going to get a divorce, so I did not "renew" my shot. It was supposed to have been taken in October, so the last shot was 3 months prior. However, we reconciled, and had unprotected sex. I didn't worry about it because I was on Depo BEFORE our second, and it took a LONG time for Depo to "wear off" ie get pregnant. We haven't had unprotected sex since, and he's going in to get "fixed" LOL. But I've started feeling strange sensations in my belly. I swear it feels like kicking. I've had two children and know what it feels like. I feel my children early. For my first pregnancy I was very slender and felt my son at 14 weeks, like a butterfly. My mother didn't believe me, she said it was too early. A week or two later, she could feel it too. With my second, I felt her even earlier (don't remember if it was 12 or 13 weeks.) I've also had Irritable Bladder Syndrome and experienced my bladder "kicking" and it's not that. It's also higher than my bladder, which is why I dismissed it as tummy issues at first. Now my stomach actually moves. I'm 5'6" and 157 lbs, but evenly distributed so I don't look overweight. I have noticed my pants getting tighter and I've had to wear a bigger size in pants. I haven't paid attention but I just looked at myself in the mirror, and I can see my ribcage but I have a distinct "pooch."

Friday, while driving my sick kiddo to the pediatrician, I felt even more strongly these kicking sensations. I'd dismissed it as tummy problems before. But it was so strong that I couldn't ignore it, and started freaking. When I move around its not as apparent, but when I lay or sit still, especially sitting up or lying on my back, I can feel it. I was reading to my son and either my innards or a baby were dancing. Whatever it is, it happens the most when I was reading, just as when I was pregnant with my 2 kids they would "dance" when I spoke. I didn't say anything to my 11 yr old, whom I was reading to while we did our evening "snuggle" family time. I just took his hand, placed it on my stomach, and told him my tummy was being weird. I asked if he could feel it. As I said, it happens less when I'm quiet, so after a minute I began reading Percy Jackson again and he said "I felt it! It felt like your stomach moved up and down!" At that point I was freaked, and excused myself to use the restroom (hubby fell asleep early on in the book) and dug for an old pregnancy test I knew we had. However, we've just moved and I threw away the box and instructions. I've tried to identify the test online but no pictures are a match. The expiration date listed is this month, this year.

Everything I've read online says that one line means negative. It's clearly one control line only. Can Depo affect the test? Do pregnancy tests really "expire" or is that just a CYA on the company's part in case the dependability does decrease? Also, my hair has been falling out in CLUMPS like when I was pregnant, and I blamed it on Depo withdraw after research online. I went to my doctor, he disagreed and said he thought it was a thyroid issue. My blood tests came back just fine. However, I get serious morning sickness with my 2 other kiddos and I haven't this time.

My husband would freak out if I am pregnant. Our kids have disabilities and create stress in our marriage, to put it mildly. I suffer from chronic severe pain from a neuromuscular disease and degenerative disc disease. I have herniated discs I've left alone b/c the cervical fusion in my neck didn't stop the pain (though it stopped the disc from compressing my spinal cord!) I'm on a slew of meds, one of which is Neurontin, which can cause serious birth defects. If I'm pregnant, I'm going to have to immediately detox off everything that allows my body to keep moving (and caring for my kids) since doctors aren't even sure which meds are safe and which aren't. I don't even know how my body can carry and deliver a baby considering how degenerated the discs are in my low back, and I have a HUGE herniation at the bottom of my spine. Abortion is out of the question for me. Despite how hard my kids are, I'd give my life for theirs' and any life inside me as well. I just am scared of my husband's reaction, scared that the meds I've been on (including being X-rayed and put under for surgery b/c I fell down the stairs and broke my toe badly in Feb) could hurt a baby, scared of living in the hell my pain creates w/out relief from medication esp. the nerve pain reducer Neurontin, scared that I will somehow not be able to deliver the baby naturally, or be confined to the bed, or have my spine disorder, basically scared.

What I'd LOVE to hear is that the test is probably still accurate despite the expiration date, and I just have some serious gastrointestinal issue. (Though I reacted badly to an antibiotic, a NP diagnosed me w/a bizarre stomach condition, gave me hard core meds that made me drop 15 lbs and too weak to stand, and eventually they did a CAT scan of my stomach and no stomach condition. They stopped the meds, then I was fine. This is a year ago, but my stomach and intestines looked perfect then they said. the meds I'm on I've been on since 2006, so I doubt that's it.) Yes, I will go to the doctor, but I'm looking for some reassurance. I know what baby kicks feel like, but its been 8 years...I'm 31 now if that helps, so not menopausal. Thanks for any advice! o.O


Oh, I should mention that I still haven't gotten a period yet, and my "renewal" was due in Oct. But I was just reading "Strange Depo-Withdrawal Symptoms" and someone mentioned feeling like a baby was kicking, so maybe I'm not preggers after all! And the bone density surgeon and his staff couldn't believe I took a chunk of bone off the top joint of my big toe, it rotated 90 degrees, and in surgery he found a ton of other small bone "slivers." I just tripped and fell down a few stairs, over my son and my toes twisted under me. That was it, most people would have had the wind knocked out of them, I took a chunk of my toe and had to have SCREWS put in, not pins, it was so bad. :'(