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Is your biological clock ticking, and are you getting broody? If you are here reading about trying to conceive, you may already know the answer!

Read on to check if you are "suffering" from these nine other warning signs your biological clock is ticking!

 1. Even though you are using birth control, you find yourself wondering if you may be pregnant as your period is due each month. When your experience abdominal bloating and cramps, you get all excited and wonder if you should really buy a pregnancy test this time. If your partner and you use condoms, you keep hoping he'll forget one day. If these thoughts are persistent enough, your biological clock has surely been activated even if you think you are not ready for a baby yet!

2. You agree to watch your friend's baby, then wonder why. You don't like babies, do you? You may be a little intimidated, but are strangely drawn to your friend's little guy or gal. Shopping for your friends' or relatives' babies and young kids is another possible sign that your nesting instinct is kicking in.

3. You have started thinking about where in your home you could set up a nursery, or even about moving to a bigger house. Your eyes may have opened to the local daycare centers and schools, playgrounds and other facilities. Perhaps your are looking forward to your own child using these someday (soon), or maybe you're appalled and thinking that your current neighborhood isn't the best place to start a family.

4. You're shopping around for a new job, and you can't help but look up if part-time positions would be available, and how much maternity leave the company offers. Alternatively, you may wonder whether you should accept that new job with more hours and responsibilities at all. You secretly imagine the life of a stay at home mom.

5. You find yourself asking lots of questions when a couple of your friends with kids have a conversation about labor and delivery. What's it really like to give birth? Can you look good after having a baby? How has their life changed since becoming a mom? Whether it's the emotional of physical aspect you're suddenly fascinated by, you are getting into the mothering mindset.

6. Your mother in law's stories about when your other half was a baby are suddenly actually really interesting to you. You genuinely want to hear all about what your partner was like when he was tiny, and how his mom raised him. His baby pictures are also irresistible. Could your baby look something like that?

7. You start forming (subconscious) opinions about parenting, and how others parent their kids. You may wonder how you could do better when you see other peoples' parenting in action. Reading books about parenting theories, or even blogs, is more than a subtle warning sign. When you are researching motherhood that thoroughly, your desire to become a mom is loud and clear.

8. You notice pregnant women, and think they are absolutely beautiful. You take note of their fashion sense. Maternity clothes can be cool and fashionable you now see, even if you didn't think so even a few years ago. Maternity styles may have improved, but so has your tolerance of them. If you take one step further and actually go and look at clothes for pregnant women, it is time to have a serious chat with your partner.

9. You've got so used to the idea of getting pregnant that you have started worrying about your fertility. Are you too old to have a baby? Will you need IVF or some other fertility treatment? Or perhaps your partner has some kind of fertility problem? If you are both ready to talk, not only about getting pregnant but also about what to do if it turns out you cannot get pregnant, you may be at the stage where you are ready to try.

Have you got your own "broodiness warning sign" to share? Here at Trying To Conceive, we love reading your comments. Please feel free to share what's on your mind below!

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