I had been on and off of Zoloft for about 10 years. I finally thought I was ready to get off in January of this year. I was off for a couple of weeks and then had a bad crying episode and went back on. I had really bad side effects for a few weeks and decided to get off again. I have now been off for about three weeks. My withdrawal symptoms seem to be gone but now I am wondering about my emotional state. My therapist mentioned it taking awhile for my brain to replenish serotonin on its own with out the drug. I had amother crying episode after about 2 weeks ( also could be a little pms) I was just wondering about anyone having experiences of being off zoloft for a few months and if they felt better emotionally after a certain amount of time. I have been trying to exercise and eat right, take vitamins etc. I just want to know if there are some success stories out there.