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Are you drawn to "bad boys"? Why do you find them so unavoidable? Read on to discover the things that make these men so irresistible and why you should avoid them like the plague.

Does it seem like responsible and sensible women are always attracted to the proverbial “bad boy”?  Maybe it’s a psychological phenomenon or maybe it is fate, who really knows. We will explore the allure and myths about why women seem to be swooning over men who are not good for them.

Being attracted to a bad boy can almost feel like a drug to a woman. You know the type, the one that makes your heart race, the one you are afraid to tell your feelings too and who is emotionally unavailable. You can’t live with him and it seems you can’t live without him, but why?

Dark Triad Personality

Why do women find the proverbial “bad boy” irresistible? Although conventional wisdom maintains a woman should avoid men who say and do the right things with relative ease, they often cannot help themselves, but will find this man extremely attractive.  Research has determined that more men than women possess the Dark Triad personality.

The Dark Triad personality group has three known distinct traits and each one may be thought of as both anti-social and risky. A man who is affected with these traits will dismiss or disregard the feelings and sentiments of others. In addition these individuals will abuse and use people for their own purpose or benefit.

People who are afflicted with the Dark Triad personality will have three characteristics; manipulation, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy.

The mutual thread among those who possess the Dark Triad are a combination of insensitivity and manipulation. Insensitivity is an obvious and blatant indifference in regards to the feelings and wellbeing of other people. Manipulation involves coaxing that seems designed to help other people, while in reality it is not. When these characteristics are combined, it will lead a man to focus on hurting or harming others, both deliberately and aggressively.

The Dark Triad is related to certain ways of behaving like bullying or general aggression, as well as an unconcealed bias against stereotyped others. These stereotypes can include the following; those of a different race and/or culture, sexual orientation, sex, aptitude, age, etc.

Understanding Narcissism

Excessive self-love as well as in addition to an extremely high or obnoxious self-confidence, is a sign of true narcissism. A man may be an egotist due to the fact it distracts from his otherwise murkier dark triad persona. It is narcissism that achieves social acceptance in many situations, and it’s not uncommon for a women to be innately drawn to a man who exudes self-confidence.

A narcissist truly believes he is better than everyone else and it’s simply because they are who they are and they exist. This is almost likened to a God-complex. Naturally, this will rub off on other people and they believe a person loves themselves because they have a high value. This inflated belief of self-worth will lead to a fearlessness and an overabundance of courage. A true narcissist believes their own delusions and this individual can rationalize everything they say and do.

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