I am 23 years old and have been on Zoloft for almost 4 years. Before i was put on Zoloft, i was on Paxil for a year. I was having severe anxiety and didn't even want to finish school. After about a year, the Paxil was not working anymore, even though I was on a low dose. I refused to go to a higher dose. My doctor switched me to Zoloft and it eventually started working in about 2 weeks, after I got over the withdrawal from Paxil. It was so rough, but I got through it. The Zoloft has been working until about 3 months ago. At one point, I have tried to taper from 50 mg to 25 mg and was on that for about two months, then started to have my anxiety and got back on the 50 mg. For the past month, I have felt like the drugs aren't working and I refuse to go up in dosage because I know I can resolve whatever problems I have in therapy. Plus, I don't want to have to taper off an even higher dose.

I have had alot of life changes in the past several years: graduated from college, got engaged, had two sudden deaths in the family, changed jobs 3 times, bought a new car, and a house......and getting married in about 3 months. I think I had intended to get off the drug sooner, but always made up an excuse not to. NOT ANYMORE!

My question is..I have just started to taper down and have lost a significant amount of weight. Weight that I DID NOT NEED to lose. I am 5'4" and used to be comfortable at 114lbs. Now, I am down to 108lbs. I get really discouraged because I have always had a hard time gaining weight b/c it runs in the family. Whenever I start to think positively about what I am accomplishing by getting off the drug, I look in the mirror and see this really skinny body. Is just discourages me. I have had extreme nausea especially in the mornings (no, I am not pregnant). Sometimes it is so bad, i get sick in the middle of the night. Everyone is assuring me that I can make it through this, but it always seems like for every step I take, I fall back two. I am also going to therapy and realizing that, if I had gone about 4 years ago to this same therapist, I wouldn't have needed the drug as long as I did.