i started my period two days early which i have never done in the three years i've had one and been on birth control. i have been bleeding very lightly but bright red when i first started is was brown and all mucas looking like but then it got more the next day that was like blood but not alot. there is barley any blood coming out, kind of like spotting. me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on august 29th and i was on my period. for about the past month i've been really tired and bloated. no other symtoms. i has stopped taking my birth control for 4 days and when i talked to my doctor she told me to keep taking it and no matter if i have a period or not take another home pregnacy test by sunday the 28th of september. (this coming sunday) im wondering did i just start my period like this because i started taking my birth control again or could i be pregnant someone please help i need answers???