Ok, so I'm confused on if I'm pregnant or not. So my last period was June 18th 2017, lasted only about 3 days. I thought was odd but brushed it off. I have s*x w my boyfriend July 6th 2017 and I'm pretty sure that's when I conceived but I'm on birth control but I haven't been taking it like your suppose to, and I could tell because my acne has been getting worse. The week after I was worried that I might of gotten pregnant, at the beginning of the week i hate creamy white discharge and had cramps so i for sure thought I was gonna get my period. Thursday came and I started getting brown discharge in the beginning of the day then later that night I started bleeding it very lightly. Next day I thought I for sure thought I got my period, it was much heavier like a period then Saturday comes and I have absolutely no blood at all. Which I thought was weird because I never have 1 day periods. Mind you the whole week of this I had mild to sever cramps this whole time. Sunday comes and I notice that I'm spotting its light and barley anything there. Now it's Monday and I have no more blood still getting cramps, have been urunating more than usual especially at work, I get some lower back pain cramps, and I've been craving things I don't normally drink like for instance I've been craving milk and I hate milk. I've taken 3 pregnancy test all came out negative. I don't know it's it to early since it's only been a week n a half. I don't know if I should continue waiting until my next period comes or take another in a week or 2. I have no other symptoms for pregnancy. I know I am a little tired more but that may just be from working. Need all the help I can get. Thanks..