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I have been on birth control pills for the past 5 years, I took a should few month break about a year ago but have since been taking them again. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and often do not use condoms, but he never finishes inside of me. Sunday was the last day of my period and it was very light. We had sex that night and last night, both times I was in a bit of pain after we were done. This morning when I wiped after going to the bathroom there was a light spotting type blood, but not in my urine. I thought this could maybe be an abrasion from sex? Ive never been pregnant so I wouldnt know if that was the case but the slight irritation/scrape pain I had the past two night I have felt before when we have sex just after my period is over. HELP!

Thank you


You definitely are not pregnant - the birth control pills were protection enough. As long as you taking birth control pills more or less regularly you don't ovulate at all. Red, bright spotting means that blood was fresh so the cause for it definitely was a little bit rougher intercourse. Blood eventually gets darker or brown as it coagulates. There really is no reason why would you would bleed in this way even if there was a chance you gotten pregnant. So, just be careful for a while until it heals and everything should be fine.