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Hello... this is going to be veryyy long, just to warn you... but PLEASE bear with me and give me your input! You have no idea how much I would appreciate it!

I am an 18 year old female (turning 19 in July) and I have a healthy reproductive system.

So... This is a basic chart of what happened:

March (2007):

Started period on March 4th
Took an emergency contraceptive on March 27th

April (2007)

Started period on April 1st
Had Intercourse on the 13th, 15th, 19th, 20th and 21st. (every one of those days he DID ejaculate inside of me- no protection and I am not on birth control, and never have been)

Here's my story:

On the 28th of April, I had 1 VERY tiny drop of bright red blood on the toilet paper when I woke up and went to the bathroom and then another very TINY drop of bright red blood on the toilet paper again in the afternoon. They were so small that I normally would not have noticed them at all if I didn't look at the toilet paper. Later on that evening I experienced a small but noticable amount of pinkish discharge on the toilet paper.

On the 29th of April, I had another tiny drop of bright red blood on the toilet paper in the morning, and again in the afternoon again, EXACTLY like on the 28th... but no other source of bleeding at all.

On the 30th of April... I was not sure if I started my period or not at first. It was very light, but it looked like a period... yet it was not the same consistancy or usual pattern of my regular period... at ALL. That was why I was unsure if I had started my period or not.

I was also crampy... and usually girls get crampy during their period, but I'm not one of them. I VERY rarely got cramps during my period. Even before my "period" started... I was crampy before then too. Which was out of the norm for me. Anyhow... it started to get heavier, but it was still not as heavy as my usual period. It seemed to be a period, just different from my normal cycles. It was not "light" but it was not "heavy" either. My normal period was always heavier than this one. It does not "smell" like my normal period either. Usually my period had a much stronger scent to it, this period hardly had any scent at all. This period was bright red like a normal period, but it seemed to be more "shimmery" (as if it was mixed in with cervical mucus).

It is now the 3rd of May, and it seems the period is nearly almost gone. So this period was about 3 1/2 days long (lightly bled starting at 9 pm on the 30th, and now it seems to have nearly stopped at 7 am on the 3rd). Normally my periods are 5 days long... seldom 6 days long.

- My breasts have felt different off and on (not very often, but I have felt them every now and then - as if they were growing, not sore or painful. For 2 days before or around the 28th my nipples were a lot more sensitive than usual though). I also now have a prominent blue vein on my left breast and nipple and a couple of deep blue veins on my right nipple.

- I have been EXTREMELY and ENTIRELY sleepy/tired!!!! (This may be due to depression though, but I seem to want to sleep at the oddest times, even after I got done sleeping a long time!)

- I've had a couple of random "hot flashes"

- Eating like a PIG!!! (no weird food cravings though- except for a nice big fat juicy medium-rare steak, or turkey with gravey)

I have read about Implantation Bleeding (extremely minimal spotting when the embryo implants into the uterus) and Decidual Bleeding (when girls say that they have their "period" when they are pregnant).

There is not that much information about Decidual Bleeding... I was wondering how many girls had their "periods" (which is not really a period, it is decidual bleeding, they just THINK that it is their period because it is so similar) while pregnant.

I have NEVER in ALL of my period had spotting before it came, ever!!! So that is why I was wondering if that could have been implantation bleeding followed 2 days later by decidual bleeding. Does anyone think I should take a pregnancy test? Or do you think that I am just being too paranoid? I have not found one source on the Internet about the same situation that has happened to me... if this has happened to anyone else... or if you know of someone that this has happened to... I would really love to hear your feedback!!! Thank you for taking the time to read through this!!! Please give me your input!


hiya i am just writing a review on ur comment.I am 21 nearly 22 in july and a wee girl at 4 n a half.I am currently experiening the same problem as urself.I have normal 5 day cycles every 28 days but my last period on the 23rd march was normal 5 day cycle then they came on the 19th April exactly 28 days later but they werent normal very light n usually a nd tae change my pad every cpl of hrs but didnt need to on this occassion.My periods also only lasted 2 days as well and am not very sure if u would even call it a period.I am very tired n my breasts very sore n with me being pregnant be4 a know what to expect even lost 1 in november n the same thing happend to me then 2 day period etc.Took a pregany test last week but came up negative-either too early to detect or not preggie at all.I have been off the contrectiptive pill for about 6 wks now.My periods are due 16th May so soon see if they cum or not.If u can help plz e-mail me on _[removed]_ thanks


o.O so yea..i read your comment and i had to comment you both cuz, i am 17 soon to be 18 in june and i am having the same problem with my period like it last 5 days when my normal period would last 7 days ok a normal period for me is heavy for first 3 day medium for 2 then light for last 2 but, these have been lite frist day, really heavy second.. medium third back to lite on the fourth and then hardly nothing on the 5th day. not normal for me. also, i start have really bad cramps worse then what i have with a normal period :-( . i had sex with him on march 1st and after that i would get sick for 2 wks better for 8-10 days then sick again for 2 wks that went on for a month and half. my boobs are some what tinder.. they don't hurt all the time though.. the only werid craving i have had was sweet pickle juice, chocalate and strawberry syrup on ice cream. that is the only thing werid. but, i don't know.. if you can help me out .. it would be awsome. and also the other day. (yesterday) i had a butterfly feeling in my stomach all day long! if you guys could help me.. i would really like it. thanxs so much :-D


since those previous posts are over a year old chances are you wont get a response from them......but, if you are having your period most likely you are not pregnant. A womans cycle can start acting different for no reason at completely normal for this to happen. Just the hormones from ovulating and pre-menstral can cause weird cravings- or even just "thinking" you are pregnant will cause a girl to have "symptoms"
If you have had unprotected intercourse than take a Home test when your period is due or 3 weeks after the last intercourse just to be sure but like I said I dont feel you have reason to worry.
Consider getting on the pill in the future- not only does it regulate your periods but its 99% effective against pregnancy and if you add condoms you are well protected. Good luck


I would like to know if any of you ended up being pregnant?