US scientists have conducted a study to determine if there was a difference in mental and physical capacity in older and younger mothers. The study showed that women who gave birth over the age of 50 had no reduced parental capacities and that they were as good as young moms.

The study, however, did not look at the effects older moms had on the children as both of them grew older.
When looked at pregnancy risks, older moms had no higher stress levels or health risks.

The study included 150 mothers in their 30s, 40s and 50s who underwent fertility treatments. The study was small but the results show that regarding stress levels and physical and mental functioning, older moms should not be restricted from parenting and that they should be allowed to undergo IVF treatments.

However, there are many other facts to consider. Most of the male partners in the study were younger men who could have made it easier for older women to cope.

However, those who care about the children’s welfare say that this may not be such a good idea as children may not be coping well with their parents being old as other children grandparents and that people in their 70s could provide as much as younger parents to their teen children.
But she added that many of the women in the study had younger
partners, which could influence their ability to cope.