Study has shown that women who give birth after 35 years of age make better mothers. Report says that they have more financial security than younger mothers and they are also more likely to put their jobs on a side because they’ve already succeeded in their careers. One more thing that this study has shown is that older mothers have better health and live longer.

Researchers claim that it’s quite understandable why women delay motherhood. For one thing they have stronger family focus because research found that almost 85% of them are married, they have more financial power because they achieved many goals in their careers and also have higher salaries. Young women are still trying to sort out priorities in life, including career and relationship issues.

Authors of this study say that the best age for becoming mother lies between age 34 and 40. Young women are maybe more fertile but older mothers are more mature and have a less chance of engaging risky behavior. Great majority of older mothers are settled in educational, financial and emotional matter.