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UK psychologists did a research in which they asked women and men to judge the faces of different men and discuss they suitability as long-term partners.

The study results showed that women regard men with more feminine facial features as more committed and less likely to cheat than the men with masculine features.

Over 400 people participated in the study, both males and females. They judged the faces by dominance, ambition, wealth, faithfulness, commitment, parenting and warmth.

Men with masculine faces and features such as a square jaw, larger nose and smaller eyes were rated as more dominant, less faithful, worse parents and as having less warm while those with feminine features like fuller lips, wide eyes and thinner, more curved eyebrows were judged as far more suitable partners.

Feminine looking men scored better on faithfulness, commitment, parenting and warmth.

The study also showed that women see a healthy man as a source of wealth, and fit for family life because they found that faces that looked healthier more desirable in terms of all personality traits in comparison to those who looked unhealthy while older faces were viewed more positively than the younger ones.

This research supported earlier researches about masculinity and perceptions of personality.


In a related study:


A recent scientific study found that woman find different male faces attractive depending on where they are in their menstral cycle. Example, when a woman is ovulating she will prefer a man with rugged masculine features, and when she is menstrating she prefers a man doused in gasoline, set on fire with scissors stuck in his eye and a baseball bat jammed up his arse.

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