Last friday night I went out and met this girl at the club, fast forward 2 hours later we are in bed having sex, however I do not have the memory of ejaculating, and I clearly remember that my penis went flaccid after a bit and it felt like I lost the sensitivity on my penis. Also, I would like to add that the last time I ejaculated was 5 days prior to that, so I should've had no traces of sperms in my urethra for the precum to pick up.

I managed to get in touch with the girl, as I was, and still am quite worried about her being pregnant, she told me she went to a pharmacy and took Plan B around 12 hours after intercourse, after filling out some forms and whilst speaking to the pharmacist, and also, she said we met about 3 days after her period finished.


I would like to hear your input on this whole situation and the chances of a pregnancy.


Thank you all!


PS: She wasn't on the pill either.