My gf and I were lying side by side on bed. She was rubbing my penis slowly with her left hand while she used her right hand to guide my right hand to her clitoris. I then rubbed her clitoris until she orgasmed. I had NOT touched myself prior to rubbing her clitoris nor was my hand anywhere near her vaginal opening. The furthest my hand went was her clitoris. While she was rubbing my penis with her left hand, she accidentally touched some pre-ejaculate at the tip of my penis with her left hand. After she had orgasmed, she continued stroking my penis with her left hand slowly. After awhile, I took over and masturbated myself till I ejaculated onto my underwear (which I was wearing). While I was masturbating myself, she just lay beside me and did not move nor touch herself. After my ejaculation, I went to clean myself up in the toilet while she continued to lie on the bed. After I was done, she went to clean herself up by using tissues to wipe her genitals dry. Her hands were dry when she wiped herself dry and only the tissue came into contact with her genitals. Fearing that she could get pregnant, we went to the pharmacist the next morning and she took a 1.5 mg levonorgestrel pill (Norlevo) as an emergency contraceptive 9 hours after the risky scenario/exposure. Please advice on the risk of her getting pregnant.