Its kinda common sense for me cause I have been around lots of pregnant people but everyone around me gives me different answers. So I figured I might try to get someone on here to help out, if anyone will reply.


So in November I had my period on the 16th, they always last 4-7 days, and I am usually on a 28 day schedule. The whole of December I never had one. I took a test in the beginning of January cause I still hadn't had my period. I was like 23-24 days late when I had my period, so I started about the 6th of January. Not sure the last day I slept with my ex, but I would have been the end of November cause I didn't do anything with him in December. 


My breasts are really tender, my nipples hurt to the touch, my belly is getting bigger and so are my boobs. I am starting to crave different foods but that comes and goes, other things are not as appealing as they used to be. I'm tired a lot (but that really isn't nothing new), I am a little more moody and snappy towards everyone.


But I took another test a few days ago and it came out negative. My current boyfriend seems to think I am but my neighbor don't (I work with my neighbor so we are together for hours literally every day). My mom looks at me funny like she is considering that I am.


My boyfriend teases me saying either I am getting fat or he is feeding me to much. But like it stays hard. There is very little for me to grab.  So its like I am not putting on fat but my insides are getting bigger?