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In January of every year, hundreds of millions of people make well-intentioned resolutions about their diets and their health.In December of every year hundreds of millions of people dash the last hope they have of keeping their health & diet resolutions.

Four Ways to Avoid Sabotaging Last Year's Health Resolutions During This Year's Holidays

This article will give you twelves ways to avoid Christmas health busters so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of the resolutions you made last year, beginning with four ways to avoid sabotaging your health with alcohol.

1. Choose your drinks carefully

Mixed drinks, especially those made with bananas, have a punch that goes far beyond their alcohol content. Many people are especially sensitive to bananas and tropical fruits in alcoholic beverages, becoming inebriated much faster than the alcohol content alone would suggest. And for avoiding hangovers, the purer the alcohol, the less the hangover. If you must drink at all, vodka and whiskey will, ounce for ounce, cause shorter hangovers than wine and beer. The less time you spend hung over, the more likely you are to stick to your good health habits.

2. At this one time of year, don't be hesitant to be a connoisseur

This is the time to sample the very best of the vintage wines and rarest scotches, whiskeys, and liqueurs. Enjoy your alcoholic beverages with all your sense, the nose, the eyes, the tongue, and throat. And consider sampling rare verjuices, alcohol-free but delicious beverages made from South African grapes.

3. Always drink a little less, and if you are the host, don't be embarrassed to “run out” of booze

(You can always “find” some more bottles later.) The stress of seeing people you don't see all year or relating to your superiors at work as peers can be more than an alcohol-addled brain can handle. Always drinking just a little less, never quite filling you glass, stopping while you still want more, can save your career, your marriage, or your reputation. And don't even think of driving if you are drunk.

4. Don't underestimate the alcohol content of wine and sherry used in cooking

All of the alcohol added to a dish does not evaporate, even when it is baked, boiled, or flambeed. About 45 per cent of the alcohol added to a baked scallops cooked for 25 minutes stays in the dish. About 75 per cent of the alcohol in brandy flamed over cherries jubilee remains in the dessert. And about 85 per cent of Grand Marnier added to a dessert sauce stays in the sauce even after two minutes on the stove top.

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