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normally i dont get my periods on time but i have had them on time for november and december last year, i have missed my period january and now february..i have done a pregnancy test (blood work). about few weeks ago and it came negetive , but i know having a neg result dont mean nothin, after i did the test i got tender larger breasts and i just measured it yesterday feb 18th and i have gone up one size. and it feels like i have got abit belly like bloated and my belly is got so big now today feb 19th that my jeans button are totally apart. . i dont know what to do and i hate the fact to do pregnancy test and get a negetive result.well normally my periods are heavy.... but then i have had them in few occasion that they were very light. i am married and trying to get pregnant but so far false alarm. i even had the same case last year , missed my period for 2 months and few days before the end of the third month i have got them.. my last period was december 23rd. any ideas? thanks. :-D :-) XD :-P ;-)

I do get tired for no reason, also the other day i been craving for hamburger so i made it, but then i was sick to my stomach....recently i been bitching alot to my husband as his smoking makes me sick to my stomach..... we been together for almost 3 years . so i taught gives you more information so you can help me out. now what i dont understand is why my belly is so hard.... i mean even when i sit down on the couch , feels hard ... i am going to wait as long as is gonna take . if i keep getting bigger then i guess i am pregnant , but its still frustrating. thanks for all the comments and help :'(
>:( 8-|


A couple nights ago my boyfriend masturbated and his cum went all over my Virginia then he fingered me and I've been dizzy is it possible I could be pregnant ??