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hi there..... i have problem here and it's making me so confused....
me n my husband are planning to have baby.... so we have been work it out since November last year.
what makes me so confused and not sure is that i still having my period every month.

but the abnormal problem that i'm having is my period doesn't go as usual,it comes late for 2-3 days...and for this month (January) i'm late for a week. besides that, now i'm easily fall asleep where as before i would hardly get myself to sleep. my appetite, usually after or during my period i wouldn't have the appetite to eat..but now even when i'm on my period i still do feel like wanna eat all the time...
my tummy(lower abdomen) feels like grew bigger but i'm not sure is that fat or i'm pregnant...and sometimes i do feel a bit tingling (mild)sensation on my lower abdomen...

not experiencing headache,back pain,nausea,breast tenderness.
not testing any pregnancy test yet because i thought that if i had my period then i wouldn't be pregnant...
and that is why now i would like to hear from other experienced or suggestion to help me out .... tq so much



If you're a week late and trying, then take a HPT. Just follow the directions and they are extremely accurate. You can test any time now.

Keep us posted and good luck.


THANKS....feel so relieve when there's some one answered me...yup.i did told my husband to get me HPT today....but don't think can test it yet cause i'm having my period rite now... or is it alrite to test while having period or to get more accurate result then i will have to wait till i finish my period.



If you're having your period you are most likely not pregnant.

The period is when your body cleanses the uterus and begins to prepare to host an embryo. If this looks like a normal period, not just light spotting (implantation bleeding) then pregnancy is unlikely.



ok..that is wht i'm thinking as well...

but wht i noticed from my period.. it only lasted for 4-5 days,where as my normal would last for 7-10 days.... and this month, b4 i had my period, there were bit of discharge n blood n d next day then i bleed... i'm getting confused n really making wanna c a doc. but i'm kinda afraid to receive news that i'm not pregnant...

try to list d abnormal problem in me:
-period due (2-3 days) / (a week)
-extremely tired n easily fall asleep
- a bit dizziness (n cz me blurry vision a while)
-increase appetite all the time
- easily irritated n emotional all d time

d normal:
- period seldom late( if do 1-2 days)
- not kind that easily felt tired
- able to stay up late at night
- appetite fair during pre-period n lost appetite during n after period
- irritated only pre-period.

i feel like im lost of not sure what im on rite now,thou in collage do learn about those pregnancy things but when we experienced it kinda different from d theory... but i do agree tht we can't have our period at the same time as we r pregnant. its just confusion betw vaginal bleeding n period o d residue of our period... hmmm, probably when im out to town i'll c a doc. tq for d advice...


Hi Clara,

Without an exam we can't say for sure what is going on. Since you seem to be having your period it would appear unlikely. But, if it is different then it could be implantation bleeding. Usually that is more of a spotting in appearance.

Wait a week or so then run the HPT. It should be very accurate a week or so after your period was due.

The other symptoms you describe are not specific to pregnancy.

Keep us posted.