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For several years, I have had pain on my outer ear.  I sleep on my right side and the dermatologist said the same thing would happen if I were sleeping on my left side.  He referred to this condition as an "ear corn," although there is a more technical name which I can't remember.  This area of my ear has three times been excised, but after some time, the pain returns.  I have fashioned a piece of a foam rubber triangular into a make-do pillow.  I have cut a hole in the area that rubs against my ear.  Is there anything further to do?


I wanted to report on what I have found as the cause of extreme external ear pain while laying on your ear at night. It has happened to me for the past 10 yrs. I've asked several other adults in my family and found they experience it too. Because it is such a bizarre happening it is difficult to explain and find answers to among caregivers, specialists, primary care physicians, etc.

What I've found is it goes along with leaky gut (lack of nutrients) and food intolerances also autoimmune disease such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue. Not much blood flow in ear cartilage is part of the problem. Toxins get in the blood and inflammation issues from leaky gut cause toxins to build up, get stuck in tight spaces, joints, cartilage, etc.

The main trigger I've found is typically high oxalate and/or high salicylate foods-which contain naturally a high content of toxins of their own. A person harboring toxins needs liver and other organ supports to get the toxins flushed out. This is a very delicate procedure and must be done very carefully.

As you get rid of the toxins and increase healthy gut flora (decreasing bad bacteria, parasites, virus, fungus) a person can begin to digest properly again and tolerate natural toxins in foods again.This is not a "sprint" but a "marathon" and the key is to go low and slow with supplements to support the detox process. I would suggest a highly respected/knowledgeable holistic or naturopathic doctor to help guide you. And to do periodic lab tests to check progress. If you do not see the desired results something is wrong and should be reassessed. Some people have a MTHFR mutation which predisposes them to depression and digestion issues.

I happen to have 20/30 of Dr. Amy Yasko's carefully chosen disease related mutations involved in all of this. Methylation issues are discussed in depth by Dr. Amy as it relates to problems in pathways causing blockages and how our bodies compensate with sometimes disastrous results. Hours and hours of lectures on-line are provided for education opportunities.

I wrote this up because I have suffered myself with this often excruciating outer ear pain which can alter sleep patterns and add to exhaustion issues, none of us can afford. Good luck!

Again, the only doctor I have found to know enough about all of this is Dr. Amy Yasko. get on her daily multivitamin and do a $85 hair test through her and go from there. Also , her chatroom is free! Years of experience and pages of useful information for you to look over with your own doctor to figure out your individual nutrient deficiencies and how to deal with your particular load of heavy metals/toxins & methylation disturbances.

Don't overload her. She is only one person. Learn for yourself how the body works. Dr Amy is brilliant and she has saved my life. I became very deficient in digesting food and was slowly starving..thanks to Dr Amy she advised me of my first step to balance glutamate and GABA. My brain started to heal first and I've never looked back.