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I have two questions. First, my grandson has 10 little tiny hard bumps behind his left ear. they are hard to the touch and look white on the tip. they are not pimples, but I do not know what they are. Some times they get sore and red when his hair touches them. Do you know what they are and should we worry.

Second. My daughter has an ear that gives her trouble. When people are close to her and talk it causes pain and when people are away from her and on that side of her head she can 't hear them. What could cause this. She has had it for years and it seems to be getting worse now.



 How old is your son and do you know if there is a chance that he might have an ear infection? I know that ear infections are very often in younger children. There is also a chance that he has some kind of a rash or even an allergic reaction. Do you know if your grandson is maybe allergic to anything?

Your daughter has some issues with her Eustachio’s tube and she should check this out, because things can get complicated and she can even lose her hearing. Did she had any trauma to the ear? Injuries are very often the main cause of loss of hearing and pain in the ears. I hope this helped a bit.