Last year I developed a bad drinking problem .It all came to head in January 2008 when I went on a drinking binge and basically drank my self to death.I was found unconscious and not breathing.I was taken to the hospital and put on an breathing machine for three days.I had stopped breathing,no one knows exactly for how long I was out.Since then I have been having falling spells, thay come on all of a sudden,without warning.The doctor as put me on lorazapam 1mg 2xdaily,it seems to be helping somewhat.But their is now a problem with my groin area,I'm experiencing pain most of the time when I walk up and down steps,stairs or step in and out of the shower,or try to get in and out of a car.I have to physically lift my legs to get into a car.I have to take it slow otherwise I fall without any warning.It comes on just out of the blue,all of a sudden.When I fall I do not lose consciousness and am able to get right up again,only if I have something sturdy to grab a hold of,chair,railing,another person,etc.I cannot just stand up on my own.I've noticed this to happen frequently when I get the groin/hip pain.The doctor has no idea why I am experiencing this pain.X-Rays showed nothing wrong,any ideas? Motrin 600mg helps for a while for the pain,but I have to be very cautious and be aware of what I'm doing all the time.The falls have gotten better over time but thay still happen,and I can not go back to work until this problem gets resolved.