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Hi I was jw as to how you are able to tell if you have a hip fracture? And if you can still walk on your leg anyways? Also when you squat if it causes discomfort and hard to get back up? Thank you


Hello chickenlittle,

Pain in the groin and hip could be from a pulled muscle or a pinched nerve.  I think it highly unlikely that you have a fractured hip.  That would generally create some serious pain.  You would have trouble sitting and standing.  You might try keeping weight off that hip if you can for about a week.  You might also try some cold and hot compresses to each any inflammation you might have.  You might try getting in the shower and running warm water to ease the pain as well.  If you can take a tub soak, that would be even better.  Is there any reason why you think you fractured your hip?  Did you fall or lift something heavy.  If not, then I doubt it.  If you discomfort doesn't go away in a week or so, I would go to the doctor.