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The Rectum is the final part of our digestive system. Numerous diseases can affect the large intestine including the rectum. A buzzing sensation in the rectum is usually found to be associated with hemorrhoids.

There are 2 types of hemorrhoids:

  • Internal

  • External

Patients suffering from hemorrhoids usually complain of blood in their stools and pain during bowel movements. However, there are different stages of the disease. Some patients may not experience severe symptoms such as blood with stools and pain while defecating; they only complain of a strange sensation in the anus.

A buzzing sensation in the rectum can also be present after a patient has recovered from hemorrhoids. Most patients who have recovered from hemorrhoids, especially external hemorrhoids, complain of stinging, buzzing, itching, or tingling sensations in the rectum. Doctors recommend that such patients eat healthily and avoid dehydration, as this is the best way to get rid of these bothersome symptoms.

Buzzing or tingling sensations in the anus are indicative of a medical problem.

These sensations do not usually occur without any reason. There are several other disorders that can cause the same sensations in the anus. However, the correct diagnosis can only be made after taking detailed history, performing physical examination, and lab tests.

Some other disorders that may cause buzzing in the rectum are:

  • Hyperacidity

  • Parasites

  • Long-standing constipation

  • Ulcerative colitis

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Anal fissure


It is recommended that you visit your doctor to undergo the required tests find the exact cause of your problem. A buzzing sensation in the anus is not very alarming but who knows what's going on inside. You should know that colon cancer can be present for years without any obvious signs or symptoms.

There are also parasites that stick around the anus and cause these annoying sensations at different intervals. Itching is one of the symptoms that differentiate a parasitic infection from other gastrointestinal disorders.

Treatment and prevention

The best treatment option for buzzing in the rectum is curing the underlying cause. These sensations fade away as soon as the cause is treated. However, there are different preventive methods that can help you remain free of these symptoms. It is recommended that you keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water and keep an eye on what you eat. Consuming junk or spicy food is known to exaggerate the problem.

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