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Hi, I'm a 24 year old male and I've been having pain in my left groin area for months, also sometimes feel pain under both sides of the ribcage and various parts of the bowel. Plus I have lots of gas and gurgling. I've been diagnosed with an inguinal hernia and had it repaired 4 weeks ago, the surgeon said it was a narrow but long protrusion and it might have caused those problems. For a while it felt fine, but for the last four days all the symptoms are back and same like before surgery. I didn't do any hard work since the repair as I was mostly studying and I doubt the hernia is back. Could the problem be in my colon which I understand goes along the left groin side? Any help would be appreciated.


Hello  John

Since you had surgical procedure there is always possibility that something went wrong and experiencing the same symptoms after you had procedure to get rid of them doesn’t sound like something you should ignore. In my opinion it would be wise to see your doctor again and talk to your surgeon. If you have followed steps of recovery like they have instructed you than there is no reason to experience the same thing all over again.

If they have approved some painkillers to ease your pain try with that until you get examined again.

I hope that everything will be fine and that your symptoms are just signs that your body is getting full recovered. Keep us posted and let us know how everything went.