In a new health study 5, 123 women were questioned about effect painkillers had on them in view of hypertension. The study showed that women who take painkillers on regular basis like acetaminophen and ibuprofen are at greater risk of developing hypertension than those women who don’t take over the counter drugs. Daily use of these drugs increases the risk up to 90%.

Knowing that the use of these pain killers is widespread, the doctors believe that the users should be aware of potential side effects of frequent use.

The participants were divided into two groups. One group contained women aging from 51 to 77, and the other women in between 34 and 53. The groups were then divided into those who were taking the drugs regularly and those who were not. The study showed these results: Older women who took highest doses of acetaminophen, 500 milligrams a day, had a 93 percent increased risk of hypertension, and younger women who took the drugs had a double risk of hypertension that those who didn’t take any. Those older, who took routinely ibuprofen, at a dose of 400 mg, had 78% risk while younger women had 60 % risk.

The thing is that it is still not known how these painkillers raise blood pressure. They suppose it is due to kidney damage which is a result of frequent use of these medications.