Some of the previous studies already found that Mediterranean diet has great effect on longer and healthier life for people who consume it. Recent study added that regular exercise in combination with this kind of diet could be the way to longer and much more healthier life than in people who don’t exercise and eat normally.

Study demonstrated that older people who regularly eat Mediterranean diet and exercise regularly have less chances of dying from cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Research lasted a couple of years and results showed that those who enjoyed this kind of life had death range much lower than general population. Points were given for every kind of food and beverage participants took in certain period and the results showed that Mediterranean diet had nine dietary points which were given for the intake of fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts, meat, fish, monounsaturated fats and alcohol. It was concluded that those who were on this diet remained healthiest after five years period.

Exercise was also proven to beneficial for longer and healthier life. Exercise was divided into three levels: vigorous, moderate and light activity. Participants who reached vigorous level which represents minimum of 20 minutes three times every week had 30% less chance of dying in this period of five years. Those who took moderate activity which is based on 30 minutes most days of the week had 27% reduced risk of death and those who enjoyed exercise on regular bases but in smaller intervals had 19% less risk of death.

It is clear that scientists advise and promote this kind of life for everyone since it is proven to be of great importance for healthier life.