Although quitting smoking is the best choice a smoker could choose, the researchers suggest that smokers could even cut lung cancer risk with regular activity.

This of course does not give the active people a free pass to smoke but it is still better than smoking and not being active.

The study that included older women showed that a physically active smoker had a 35 % less chances of lung cancer than a sedentary smoker. However, those who completely decide to quit smoking are 10 to 11 times less likely to develop lung cancer.

The information was gathered from the Iowa Women's Health Study that started in 1986 and followed 36,410 older women. They filled out health questionnaires over the years and provided information about their smoking status and physical activity.

At the end of the study, 777 were found to have developed lung cancer. Out of these 777 women, 125 were nonsmokers, 177 were former smokers, and 475 were current smokers.
Among smokers around 324 were current smokers and weren't very active. Among those that were physically active, 151 cases developed lung cancer.