Recent research came to finding that most of the sinus infections are not helped by use of antibiotics and other prescribed medications. Amoxicillin, the most commonly prescribed penicillin - like - drug is found not to be helpful in treating sinus infections. Sometimes sinus infections are treated with steroid sprays but study also found that they are no better than dummy drugs although it was noticed that in some cases with minor symptoms of sinus infections they could provide some relief. The aim of this study was to determine weather antibiotics are good to use when it comes to sinus infections.

Researchers found that ibuprofen and other over – the – counter painkillers can help in reducing sinus infections and also inhalators can provide some kind of relief.

During the study, researchers divided patients with sinus infections into 4 groups. First group received amoxicillin together with steroids for 10 days, the second group took only amoxicillin, third group took only steroid spray and the last group took dummy drug. Results showed that patients who took drug didn’t get better quicker than the ones who took fake drug.

Cause of these sinus infections include bacteria, viruses, fungal infections and allergies. Since antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections they are not so effective in treatment of bacterial sinus infections because antibiotic has tough time reaching the sinuses. Doctors advise patients with mild sinus infections observation without use of antibiotics.