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Ok First i just want to start off by saying I'm 18 and i was at one point in time trying to loss weigh it was going really well i droped like 14 pounds in 2weeks well then just this weekend i started getting really hungery like after i eat around 3 hours later im hungery again I have cramps but they come and go but the cramps are a the top of my stomach have a few lower cramps my back has been killing me I have my last period on september the 29 got off the 1st of october I'm feeling really tired sometimes i get really cold then sometimes the heat is ok I'v never felt this way before I think i might be pergeant my nipples are a little brown and they dont hurt but they are sesative when you poke or rub them sometimes but not always can someone please help me


Hi Dawn! The weight loss - good for you by the way - wont have anything to do with this!

When was the last time you had unprotected sex? I will help you further OK?

Also have you or your partner been tested for an STD recently?