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I'm 20 years old & I have had more health problems then I know what to do with...I've seen doctors of every kind, specialist, everything & they all tell me things it "might" be but nothing ever solves my pain completely....if ANYONE can help in ANY way PLEASE PLEASE give me something here...

Lets start:
12 years old they found a cyst on my right ovary
They didnt do anything about it because I was so young (come to find out now, the cyst has "disappeared")

years go by & I always get sick, have pains all in my chest, pelvis, & abdominal area. Anything I eat makes me sick. I either throw it up or it comes out the other way in literally 30 minutes (no lie)

I had blood taken about once a week & I was at the doctors about twice a week & talking to specialist at least once a month...nothing.

so at about the age of 18 I was laying in bed with my boyfriend & all the sudden I felt the sharpest pain start from the middle of my back and it moved up into my gallbladder area. I sat up & fell to the floor. I couldnt breathe, I couldnt talk, I couldnt move! I started hypervenilating (sorry if my spelling is horrible) I was terrified! So he literally picked me up & put me in his truck & took me to the was a good hour before we got to the hospital & right when we pulled up..poof...all the pain was gone & I was 100% fine (or at least I felt like it)

So we went home, what else were we supposed to do?

well I went in for tests, ultrasounds, blood work, all that good stuff & they found stones in & around my gallbladder. Not just inside my gallbladder but in my body. So I went in for my first "surgery" (more of a procedure) & they stuck the camera down my throat & removed the stones that were floating around & the doctor also made a slight cut in my gallbladder so that the stones could pass easier (idk, didnt make sense to me) 2 days later I went in to actually have my gallbladder removed.

I thought it was a sucess because literally 2 days later I felt fine, a little sore obviously, but i could walk, talk, eat, sleep...i was fine.

well from 18 to now (20, almost 21) I have horrible sharp pains & cramps all around my abdominal area. when I'm on my period they are MUCH worse but it doesnt matter if its that time of the month or not, I still get the pains. I get dizzy, sick, I vomit, I go to the bathroom (#1 & #2) extremely frequently! I cant eat anything without it coming back out in literally 30 minutes. My stool is one of my biggest concerns right now...I've never wanted to say anything due to being embaressed (but I dont care anymore, I'm sick & I want to get better!!) My stool is very odd...about 80% of the time its liquid & looks like bile (you know when you vomit & the bile(yellow) comes out) & it floats on the water. the second it hits the water it breaks apart, its the strangest thing! & if its not liquid, its hard as a rock! I mean...its bad.

Now I dont know if alot of these problems are because of the gallbladder removal or if its from my thyroid. they have done tes on it & my levels are off, I've had 2 ultrasounds & they told me they found 2 cyst on my thyroid. They believe I have Hyperthyroidism (which explains alot of my problems) & they also believe I might have IBS (which explains all my problems) I just...idk, something isnt right & I dont know what it is.

I wish Dr. House on FOX Network was a real doctor because I need someone to literally go through my entire body, check everything & tell me wtf is wrong with me! I went the other day for blood work & they now tell me that my belly-rubin levels are to high (liver & kidneys)

I dont understand whats wrong & I'm just stressed out & torn up & have literally drove myself crazy trying to figure out what I did or what my body is doing. Its not like I do bad things...I smoke cigarettes & pot on occasion. thats it! I have NEVER touched any drugs & I dont drink alcohol (i have before but VERY VERY little) but I havent had liquor in probably 2 years!

I guess I just want someone to help me...idk, I just want to be better = (

Please help if you can
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I also forgot to mention...they now say I'm anemic (sorry for the bad spelling) i dont have enough iron in my blood & I also have insomnia big time...I sleep 2-3 hours a night...I can go a day or 2 without sleeping (not by choice, but because my body wont sleep) but i'm tired....??


my vision has also gotten worse over the years, my hair falls out like crazy, my nails are thin, brittle, & break very easily....I feel like i'm literally falling apart


you sound like me. i've had so many problems between chronic pneumonia, mesenteric adenitis, my gallbladder removed.

i too had a "cyst on my ovary" when i was about 12. it dissapeared after 2 nights in the hospital.. my doctor said it was nothing.

than i had a bad pain which they thought was appendicitis when i was in 9th grade.. (6 years ago)

turns out the reason that happened was from the mesenteric adenitis.. found that out when i had my gallbladder removed..

i apparently had 4 cysts rupture on my ovary and i still have some.. said it was nothing..

still in pain.. uugghh


I have every symptom you just mentioned...with the exception of mesenteric adenitis.

I had the gallbladder removed over two years ago and now my bowel movements come out all balled up. Nothing regular anymore and I do know the nerve endings to the gallbladder are still in your body. That's why you sometimes get the feeling of a gallbladder attack.

Last November my doctor found nodules on my thyroid and put me on meds. 100 percent turn around until a few months ago. No I am having trouble sleeping.

Here is something to look for, have your doctor order an MRI of the pituitary gland. Look for empty sella syndrome. There are two kinds, P1 which is a partial sella terrcia (sp) and P2 no sella terrcia. P2 is bad, it causes brain fluid to leak in and brain swelling at times. But, check on this syndrome because the pituitary sella terrcia controls a lot!!!!!


I started getting ill in March 2012.  Vomiting and horrible runny bowel movements. By June 2012, I was running out of sick leave, and it was worse.  I was only able to eat cooked foods, (no raw vegetables), no meat etc... And then, this mysterious pain on my right side, below my ribs that felt like a baby kicking.  I am 47, and can no longer have children (2 were plenty!).

Which would bring me to October 2012.  I went to the ER with my bag packed.  The PAIN was HORRENDOUS!  I had pain in 2 places in my abdomen, my left shoulder and right shoulder, vomiting, runny bowl movements... etc...   They did an Ultrasound, and some blood work, the doc came back with Morphine, and said I had an infected Gallbladder that HAD to be removed ASAP!

There were a few problems, as I was there at the ER on the weekend, and the Surgeon on call, had all of the cases he could handle.  They admitted me, drugged me down, HEAVY anti-biotics, a liquid diet I could barely keep down.  Then I had my galbladder removed.  I thought that they were suppose to make 3 small incisions, but I had 5.  No one ever explained that to me.

Afterwards, I was sooooooo ill!!!  Eating has been and is still a hard issue.  Mostly Canned Diced Peaches and Chicken Broth.  Some Saltines as well.  I keep trying things I like, but few things stay down or in me very long.

I have had a MULTITUDE of tests done, from bloods tests (multiple), CAT Scan, MRI, MRST, Endoscopy, colonoscopy.  However, I am STILL vomitng and the loose stools.  Have found I have Barrett's Esphogus, and Celiac Disease.  Again, I am 47 and Peri-Menopausal, have not had a period since May 2012, but I have had the worst Period, for THREE WEEKS so far than I have ever had in my life!!!!

I have seen my doctor so many times, I think they have my file flagged!  He can not explain what is going on...AND my Iron levels are off the charts right now...  I am sooooo very tired, I live alone, and the chores are building up.  I was on Short Term Disability, and I think I am going to have to go back on it at this rate.

Just recently... Last Friday, I could not walk across the living room, my abdomen hurt so bad.  The weekend I spent resting.  Monday, I called in.  I went to work today, but I am a Call Center Employee - I take computer question calls all day.  I got to work, then starting that dry vomiting again, and scared my co-workers, so I came home.  (This last weekend lamer(s) hit my bank account and cleaned me out and hit my computer as well... All is well now, but geesh!)

I am not sure what else to say... except, my father had the SAME procedure a few years back, and he took ONE pain pill, stayed at rest 2 days after, and has been BETTER THAN ANYTHING since!  SMH!  I do not know an answer, but needed to say something somewhere!!!



Iron levels off the charts? Have you been tested for HEMACHROMATOSIS? (Build up of iron in the blood.) Can cause some of the symptoms you are describing. Not may doctors know about this disease. My two sister -in-laws have this. My husband is a carrier. Both go get regular blood blood draws (modern blood-letting if you will) to ease the symptoms.