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Hello* I am ttc. I'm presently 29 years old and never been pregnant and never been on the pill. I do have somewhat irregular periods, but this
year has been the first year successfully having one period a month at least. Its almost once I got in tune with my body, everything started to fuction properly. Cycle is anywhere from 26-30 days. Recently I got The HSG procedure done. The Doctor said he had to penetrate through somekind of obstruction (scar tissue or whatever) to get the speculum through the entrance.of the cervix. He said it was very small and sometimes that fixes the problem. A week or so later I went and saw my dr. and got a pap performed and the next day started my period @ day 21/ which was Sept 13th. I didn't start this month until October 15. I thought I was having implantation bleeding because the first two days of this period were light, but it ended up lasting 7 days. I've noticed now that cm stays inside where it use to fall right out after sex. Really it would come str8 out-blah! (believe me I've heard worse here)

I had sex on the 29th and when i went to da potty I had a small amount of pink mixed with the cm- I assumed this came with ovulation. But I jumped the gun on Halloween and went to ER because all of the sudden my constipation had turned into IBS symtoms (aka mucus in stool)

Here recently though I'm at day 23 in my cycle, I have had mucus in all ends. Nose, Throat, Stool (Soryy TMI) and my cm after sex yesterday looked like EWCM. I'm like what the hell didn't I ovulate over a week ago.
I have been extra WET* here lately-bloated-i cry over nothing and have a pain behind my nipple not fitting tingeling- more like OMG WTH is happening is it my heart or breast I haven't had a good bowel movement lately, just a lot of diarreah and yesterday I even blew blood/mucus out of my nose.

My temps since day 18 in cycle have been 97.5/ 98.0/ 98.3/ 98.7/98.7/
and today 98.0. I have went to bed at like 7-8 pm everynight. I'm up at 3 in the morning writing this. I feel little tingels in my pelvic area when my pant are tight or when I'm just sitting around. I can't figure out what I want to drink or eat my mouth taste like yuk all the time even after brushing. What do you think- early pregnancy or too much time on my hands? I hear there is a greater chance of pregnancy after HSG. Any advise, its still to early to test- besides i don't want to break my heart sooner than i have to.

BABY DUST TO EVERYONE- kelleybelly 8-| 8-|


Ok so I was on a bus it was like 2 in the morning and the person sitting next to me started fingering me and then made me touch his penis and I did and he did to there was pre cum then we fingered me agian without wiping his hands and it's been about a week and I have had a lot of mood swings and I felt like I was about to faint earlier and felt like I was going to throw up and feel like I'm a freaking s*** im only 15 my mom knows and all that she's going to get me the test i just want to know what my chances are