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Yup, it's time for new year's resolutions again! If yours involve weight loss, and you want to give yourself an honest chance of beating those very pessimistic odds of succeeding at a new year's resolution, keep reading. We have tips for you.

It's that time of year again! You know, that time of year when you fully and wholeheartedly commit to making a fresh start? Research isn't on your side, unfortunately: did you know that only about eight percent of all new year's resolutions are successful? Many of those, of course, are related to health, and in particular — weight loss. If you have experience with resolving to lose weight at the start of a new year only to be stuck in front of the TV binge-eating potato chips before, something went wrong. Either you weren't committed enough, or the plan of execution you made just wasn't right for you. Here's the thing: 2017 can be different! Here are some weight loss tips you will actually want to stick to. 

Green Smoothies: Slow And Steady(Health) Wins The Race

Nobody who is serious about weight loss actually enjoys reading those boring old reports about healthy weight loss not being achievable overnight, warnings against starvation diets that offer quick results, yadayadayada. We all know they're right, though. You want your weight loss to be permanent and healthy, not a phase that lasts only as long as your diet does. That requires lifestyle changes, like eating for health and enjoyment rather than with the single goal of losing weight in mind.

You can download the Weight loss smoothie app on Google play and it's available for iOS users on the App store too. 

Lucky enough, the SteadyHealth team has just come out with a new app offering healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss. Searchable by ingredient, users have access to over 400 great recipes — wherever they are! You have full control over your weight loss, your stomach and taste buds won't be crying out for more (more, more!), and on top of that, you'll experience a boost in energy that will encourage you to get to some of that exercise you'll also need to set yourself up with if you really want to lose weight.Green smoothies, which offer you plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, as well as fiber, good fats, and even protein, can be an amazing companion on the path to sustained weight loss, precisely because they aren't pure torture.

Fight Demotivation With Team Sports

You know that bit about signing up for the gym with a special new year's discount? Yeah, that didn't work for me too well, either. Many people simply find the gym boring, if not also demotivating — you see all those buff people around you, and might even feel embarrassed to show your not-yet-all-that-fit body off to them. What about working that treadmill at home and doing aerobics in front of YouTube? Before you know it, you'll be checking Netflix out instead. 

Everyone who has made healthy and sustainable weight loss their goal does, however, need to work out. Regularly. Rather than choosing a solitary activity, either actually solo or in the company of others who make you feel bad and you don't actually speak to, choose a team sport for maximum success. Running, pilates, capoeira, street workout — whatever it is, if you're backed up by a solid team of people who build who are competitive in a positive way, you'll be wanting to stay true to more than a promise you made yourself. You'll be in it for your team mates, too. 

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