hi im tina im 29 im married n have four children for the past 8 days or so ive bin sufferin wiv bad stomach cramps n diarrhea it happens in the mornin wen i get up for two of my children for skool i ave a cup of tea n then bout 5 mins later i get the cramps and need to go toilet i cant lie on my stomach as i get the same cramps i get in the mornin im on depression tablets dosulepin 75mg and sleepin tablets zopicione 7.5mg ive bin on da depression tablets for a number of years and ive bin on the sleepin tablets for more than 6 months and ive never had this b4 please please can sum1 help n if they r on the same tablets n no it what i am suffering from please let me no thnx :-D :-D :-D :-D